Last week Edenvale Young received the good news that we had been awarded a converted place on Lot 1 of Bristol City Council’s Flood Risk Consultancy Framework. Lot 1 encompasses hydrology and hydraulic modelling for which Edenvale Young are generally well respected. The competition for places on the Bristol framework included all the larger consultancies such as Atkins, AECOM and Arup. All these consultancies dwarf Edenvale Young in terms of size and the award was particularly pleasing as Edenvale Young was rated top on quality despite being an SME. Our submission was considered to be “Excellent” and “Very strong on innovation and added value”.

The use of the term “innovation” by Bristol City Council is particularly gratifying as we have always felt that investing in skills and technology must be a key component of our services. For us this has meant developing our expertise in a range of areas including: 3D hydraulic modelling; geomorphological modelling (TUFLOW FV), water quality modeloling and investing in flow and water quality monitoring equipment.

As a member of the Cabinet Office’s SME panel, I know that the Government is well aware of the benefits of SME innovation. The Government’s election promise is to place 30% of Central Government Contracts with SMEs. We are really pleased to be awarded the Bristol Framework and look forward to other Local Authorities, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and SEPA recognising that SMEs in our industry have important qualities which are innovative and provide good value.


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