Peter Aylett

Peter has worked with various 1D, 2D and 3D modelling packages since graduating with a mathematics degree in 2005 and now occupies the role of senior modeller within the company. Throughout his time at Edenvale Young, he has also developed and given training, workshops and presentations in the use of modelling software.

Some of his more common roles include:

  • Supporting major catchments within the NFFS (National Flood Forecasting System; the means through which the EA determine when to issue flood warnings).
  • Rating extensions at key gauges within the river monitoring network so that a better real-time understanding of river flows may be achieved.
  • Modelling to inform FRAs and FCAs (Flood Risk/Consequence Assessments).
  • Contributions to regional SWMPs (Surface Water Management Plans).
  • Reviewing models for consultants and the EA.
  • Providing technical advice both internally and externally to promote best practice is followed when undertaking modelling work.

Other Key Skills


  • 3D modelling for in-depth analysis of structures within the watercourse; e.g.
    • localised scour assessments,
    • pressure imposed on the face of the structure (including negative or ‘plucking’ pressures),
    • determining the hydraulic characteristics of structures,
    • understanding velocity fields within the water body (for fish navigation, for example) and
    • determining impacts of changes to complex structures.
  • Providing ‘rapid-response’ advice for other consultancies.

Peter Aylett

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