Hydraulic Modeller

Minne Darby

Minnie Darby completed a BSc in Marine Biology with professional studies at Queen’s University Belfast in 2021, and then continued her education with a Master’s in Climate Change Science and Policy from the University of Bristol. Through this program, she developed experience in climate modelling and GIS-spatial analysis, in addition to an understanding of the impact of climate change on our environment, including when it comes to the increasing frequency and severity of flooding.

Minnie joined Edenvale Young  in November 2022 and since then has gained technical skills with 1D and 2D flood modelling software, working on a range of projects expanding her knowledge of the industry.

When not working Minnie enjoys long walks with her dog Twix.

Specialist Areas


  • Developing 1D-2D linked hydraulic models using TUFLOW, ESTRY, and Flood Modeller
  • Creation of fully distributed catchment scale rainfall models
  • Proficient use of Atlas and QGIS for creating, analysing and post-processing hydraulic modelling data and results
  • Report writing: including hydraulic model reports and flood risk assessments, using software systems such as Libre Office and LaTeX for document preparation

Minnie Darby

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