Senior Hydraulic Modeller

Harry McKenna

Harry joined Edenvale Young in 2019 and is a senior hydraulic modeller undertaking fluvial and direct rainfall modelling using FMP and ESTRY-TUFLOW to complete a wide range of projects.

He has specific experience in FRA’s, fish bypass channel design optioneering and fully-integrated direct rainfall models incorporating rainfall, soils and surface water drainage systems in order to assess the effectiveness of SuDS and NFM.

Harry has recently stepped into Project Management roles, leading flood risk assessments, managing graduate modellers and liaising with clients in order to meet projects scope, budgets and deadlines. This has involved working with a variety of clients from surveyors, utility providers, individual developers and Rivers Trusts to larger organisations such as the EA, NRW and local councils.




  • Developing fully-distributed catchment-scale hydraulic models using ESTRY-TUFLOW, calibrating to observed events. Baseline builds involve the conversion of river networks from FMP to ESTRY, the incorporation of sewers data into ESTRY for representation of the catchments drainage network and the incorporation of rainfall and soil characteristics within TUFLOW. Post-development optioneering within the model domain including the likes of re-landscaping, offline attenuation and SuDs for an outline business case in Cardiff and proposed woodlands, permeable bunds, river restoration and leaky dams in the London Borough of Enfield in order to measure the effectiveness of NFM.
  • Other notable projects include the build and calibration of a 1D-2D ESTRY-TUFLOW model in Edmonton, London, to investigate the effectiveness of daylighting a culvert whilst optimising landscaping and finished floor levels for a re-development, ensuring no third party dis-benefit.
  • Internal QA of colleagues models, ensuring best practice.
  • Report writing, including hydraulic model reports and technical memorandums, flood risk assessments, proposals and topographic survey specifications. Experienced with software systems such as Libre Office, LaTeX for document preparation, CAD software for design, gnuplot for command-line generation of data plots, Atlas and QGIS for creating, analysing and post-processing hydraulic modelling data and results.
  • As of August 2021 holds the APM PMQ qualification for Project Management.

Harry McKenna

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