Technical Director

Dr Gerald Morgan

Gerald Morgan is an internationally recognised hydraulic modeller who has extensive experience working with a wide variety of computational models in one, two and three dimensions. He is expert in the underlying computational processes and has written computational models for internal project use.

Gerald’s PhD from the University of Bath was awarded in 2012 for the verification of the three-dimensional OpenFOAM CFD library for civil engineering problems, including wave impact on offshore structures, simulation of rock armour and overtopping of flood defence structures.

Since starting work for Edenvale Young/John Young Associates in 2005, Gerald has written the calibre software which permits the automatic joint calibration of hydraulic and hydrological models, including ISIS, ESTRY, TUFLOW, FEH, ReFH, MCRM and PDM. He has also written a HEC-RAS to ISIS Converter (HECTIC) and a wide variety of other programs for the automation and processing of hydraulic models.

Speciaist Areas


  • Computational Modelling (in particular, Hydraulic Modelling)
  • Numerous hydraulic models including ISIS, TUFLOW, ESTRY, Delft-3D, TUFLOW FV and the OpenFOAM suite.
  • Scour analysis, geomorphological modelling and countermeasures design
  • Auto-calibration and Genetic Algorithms
  • Automation of model runs and processing of large model and calibration datasets

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