Colette Linehan Liverpool

Practice Administrator

Colette Linehan

Colette joined Edenvale Young in November 2013 after 13 years working at Sustrans.

In addition to many years working within the Voluntary Sector and particularly Volunteer Management, her many years at Sustrans have given her a solid background in:

  • Office Administration.
  • Organising training events and workdays.
  • Providing department website updates to the Website Administrator.
  • Managing tight budgets.
  • A good working knowledge of environmental issues especially in relation to transport, climate change and health.
  • The interrogation of databases especially in relation to data utilised by Geographic Information Systems. (GIS).
  • GIS (MapInfo).
  • Departmental technical ‘troubleshooting’ locally and regionally.
  • Training team members, both staff and volunteers in the use of the database and GIS (MapInfo) and volunteer management.


Specialist Areas

Colette’s notable contributions since joining Edenvale Young are:

  • Assisting with the management of the bi-annual UK TUFLOW Conferences, organised in collaboration with and on behalf of BMT. She managed the Bristol end of the 2015 & 2018 conferences and organised what, due to COVID became the 2021 TUFLOW Conference.
  • She managed the administration of our 2016 CRIP (Climate Resilience Improvement Project) related training event including the pastoral care of our 20 Sri Lankan delegates.

    “With some skilful juggling of very fluid schedules at our visitors end and a very patient Lord Mayors office, Colette managed to secure a visit from our then Lord Mayor Jeff Lovell. The opportunity to meet the Lord Mayor was considered one of the highlights of their visit by our guests.”

  • She oversaw the long overdue redesign of our website, launched in the Spring of 2020.
  • Colette also plays an important role within our Accounts and HR department.

Colette Linehan

Featured Projects

As our Practice Administrator, Colette is not generally directly involved in project work, although she has occasionally provided project support by building the material layers needed for hydraulic modelling, utilising GIS tools to follow land cover information from aerial photographs. Direct involvement in projects is generally based around facilitating training events and conferences.

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