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Managing your surface water run-off

Surface water flooding affects thousands of properties in the UK and Sustainable Drainage Systems, more commonly known as SuDS, are now the preferred method of managing surface water run-off.

SuDS systems are employed for a wide range of developments from the construction of a single house to large commercial schemes and citywide management of flooding and water quality. Edenvale Young can assist you whatever the size of project.

A sustainable drainage system could include:

  • Attenuation and detention ponds to temporily store water on the site
  • Filter strips and French drains to store water, assist infiltration and improve water quality
  • Swales to promote infiltration, store water and inprove water quality
  • Soakaways to facilitate safe discharge of surface water to the ground
  • Permeable paving for the drainage of roads, carparks and drives
  • Green Roofs to “slow the flow” of water from buildings
  • Bio-retention features to improve water quality

Holistic Analysis

Master Planning and Designing for the Future

It is essential that a drainage strategy is an early consideration in the design development particularly where the master plan proposals incorporate large areas of roofs, car parking and highways. Early engagement with Edenvale Young can assist you immensely in configuring your design. This could include:

  • Determining greenfield and allowable discharge rates to storm sewers and watercourses
  • Establishing whether the use of soakaways  or other infiltration options are feasible
  • Specifying requirements for ground investigation (soakaway and infiltration testing)
  • Determining where surface water can be discharged
  • Analysing attenuation storage volumes and locating them efficiently within the site boundary
  • Assessing requirements for water quality treatment trains
  • Liaison with the Lead Local Flood Authoritity, Water Company and Environment Agency

More information on the application of SuDS systems are given in the CIRIA SuDS Manual.

What is a Surface Water Drainage Strategy?

The objective of a Drainage Strategy is to ensure that a development does not increase flooding elsewhere by managing surface water run-off from roofs, car parking and other impermeable surfaces.

A typical drainage strategy includes preliminary design drawings, hydrological and hydraulic analysis and reporting to demonstrate how surface water is managed on the site and whether it meets the requirements of the Local Planning Authority and Lead Local Flood Authority.

Edenvale Young retains a wide range of analytical tools to prepare a surface water drainage strategy. This includes industry standard hydrological and hydraulic modelling software which are suitable for the scale of the development and site.

Surface Water Drainage Strategy

Surface Water Drainage Strategy

Do I need a Drainage Strategy?

All Local Planning Authorities now expect to see the submission of a drainage strategy with a planning application for green and brownfield development.

Many Local Authorities  and regions have specific guidance on the application of SuDS systems such as the  West of England Sustainable Drainage Developer Guide which gives advice on the application of SuDS for a range of situations including housing, commercial and infrastructure development.


If you need a hydraulic model or want to discuss how hydraulic modelling could be used to benefit your proposed development or scheme, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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