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Providing real-time flood warnings

Having advance warning of potential flooding is critical to a range of communities and businesses across the UK. While many are well-served by the Environment Agency’s national flood forecasts, many more are in more remote locations, further from big cities and major watercourses. Edenvale Young, as well as contributing our modelling and expertise to the EA’s, National Resources Wales’ and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency’s flood forecasting systems offer customised, bespoke flood forecasting models and services to a range of private clients.

Holistic Approach

Forecasting and Warning

We have undertaken flood forecasting and warning for a range of clients, ranging from simple advice to detailed real-time hydrological and hydraulic model systems that can provide precise predictions of flood levels and timing. We can provide:

  • Advice and decision support for premises and business managers on flood responses and resilience
  • Real-time hydraulic and hydrological models for inclusion in existing flood forecasting systems including
    • Continuous simulation hydrology
    • Flood routing models
    • Real-time hydraulic models using Flood Modeller or TUFLOW
  • Bespoke web-based flood forecasting systems based on a range of data sources from the Environment Agency to NASA

What is a Flood Forecasting System?


Flood forecasting systems predict likely river and sea levels into the future, providing advance warning to communities, businesses and government agencies allowing them to take action to mitigate the effects of the flooding. Such actions might range from providing advice to homeowners and distributing sandbags to the deployment of temporary defences or even evacuation.

The systems receive data in real-time from rainfall, river level and groundwater sensors as well as weather forecasts and synthesize this data into a series of hydrological and hydraulic models which can be run at much greater than real-time. The models will predict flow rates (and hence water levels and flood extents) along watercourses up to several days in advance and display the results to users in an easily-interpretable manner, with recommendations for action, if required.

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If you need a flood forecasting and warning system or want to discuss how hydraulic modelling could be used to provide flood warnings to your home or business contact us to discuss your requirements.

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