Oughtibridge, River Don Bridge Scour Assessment

Client: HCA Developers Ltd

Categories: Detailed Design, Geomorphology

When: March-April 2043

Location: Yorkshire, UK

Edenvale Young Associates were commissioned by Peter Duffy Contractors to undertake hydraulic and geomorphological modelling and produce the detailed design of the scour protection works protection and bank stabilisation design for a reach of the River Don between Wharncliffe Side and Oughtibridge, northwest of Sheffield. The redevelopment included a new bridge to be constructed to facilitate access to the development.

The commission included:

  • Level 1 and 2 assessments of scour at the bridge followed the guidelines within the Highways Agency Design Manual for Roads and Bridges BD97/12.
  • TUFLOW FV modelling to assess changes in river morphology adjacent to the site to inform embankment channel and stability
  • Detailed design of scour protection works to the abutments which was approved by Sheffield City Council and installed in 2019.


TUFLOW FV model mesh

The River Don was modelled in the TUFLOW FV two-dimensional finite-volume solver. This code allows water levels and velocities to be represented across the width of the channel. This allows the representation of the riverbed surface and scour. Results indicated that there would be a risk of scour. In particular the steep and highly transportive nature of the site, meant that significant scouring and backfilling could be expected during high return period events.

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