Project Details - Fish Pass

Client: Cain Bio-Engineering

Categories: Detailed Design

When: June - October 2019

Location: Wiltshire, UK

Edenvale Young Associates were commissioned to undertake hydraulic modelling of a proposed fish pass design. The project sought to work with the client in order to design a fish pass that would allow sufficient velocities to support passage for a range of fish.

Why a fish pass?

More Details

The goal of the fish pass is to allow a wide range of species to pass such as eels, trout, salmons. These species have different characteristics and ways to migrate. In order to suit these species, the design has to consider depth, spacing, material and slope variation, to create different conditions in which the fish will progress.

The proposed fish pass design is a simple one-dimensional study and in order to quickly and cost effectively understand the velocity through the structure that will be necessary. The model used for the modelling work was the Flood Modeller hydraulic model, an industry standard software.


The initial design had varied roughness in order to represent boulders and appropriate Geo-textiles materials that would be used in the creation of the fish pass.

The study has shown that an appropriate flow split can be achieved while still allowing for optimal velocities for safe fish passage. For more information on Fish Pass design please visit:

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