Project Details

Client: CH2M, Environment Agency Southern Region

Categories: Flood Forecasting

When: March-April 2015-16

Location: EA South East, UK

The Environment Agency provide forecasts of flows and levels at key locations in the River Test and River Itchen catchments. As part of this, they maintain a series of models representing different lengths of the river all of which are configured into the National Flood Forecasting System (NFFS) to make use of real-time and forecast rainfall and river gauge data.

Associated rain and river data was assessed in order to update the PDM and routing models which in tern provide a more informative forecasting capability for the Environment Agency to forecast water levels with greater accuracy at more locations.

More Details

Edenvale Young were commissioned to undertake the following:

• Identify the causes of and correct poor performance within the model
• Analysis of Rain and River gauge data
• Update of rating curves for river gauges where necessary
• Calibrate the model using recent high flow events
• Configure the new model into the NFFS
• Assess performance at all forecasting locations
• Train the Environment Agency staff in the use of the new model and the techniques involved in creating it.

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