Project Details

Client: Pell Frischmann, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Categories: Detailed Design, Hydraulic Modelling, Hydrological Analysis

When: March-April 2043

Location: Yorkshire, UK

Edenvale Young were commissioned to create and calibrate a detailed model of the Raywell Valley near Hull.

Edenvale Young undertook modelling to simulate a proposed chain of reservoirs to be installed in the Raywell Valley upstream of Hull. The Raywell Valley is an extremely permeable chalk catchment subject to flooding in intense summer storms. There is no defined watercourse in the upper catchment and the lower catchment watercourses discharge directly to Yorkshire Water’s storm drainage network in Hull.

More Details

The modelling was undertaken using TUFLOW’s direct infiltration features in which infiltration is modelled as a loss from each cell using the Green-Ampt equation. UK national soils data was used to derive the infiltration characteristics. The model also incorporated field and urban drainage.

The model was calibrated to the 2007 flood event which affected properties in Cottingham and Orchard Park as well as a subsequent, smaller event from 2014. Calibration was performed to observed flood extents and recorded gauge data.

Multiple proposed configurations of the upstream reservoirs were simulated with the intention of creating a scheme in which runoff water was held and attenuated in the upper catchment for the duration of the storm.


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