Project Details - Water Quality Modelling

Client: Bureau Veritas,

Categories: Hydraulic Modelling

When: March-April 2018

Location: Bahrain, UAE

Edenvale Young Associates was appointed by Bureau Veritas to undertake a hydraulic modelling study for a proposed marine reclamation off the north east coast of Muharraq. The reclamation is located within a shallow semi enclosed bay between Amwaj and Dilmunia Islands. The objective of the hydraulic modelling is to assess the impact of the completed reclamation on coastal water quality.

More Details

Four model scenarios were considered using Delft 3D in relation to evaluating the impact of pollution which included the baseline scenario and the post development scenario with the reclamation. The hydraulic modelling also assessed two land-use configurations. The first scenario was based on the existing island configuration in 2017 and the second assumed that the islands and reclamation works shown in the 2030 National Land-Use Strategy Masterplan had been realised.

The model was developed from a combination of bathymetric survey data and chart information and discretised into cells based on an orthogonal curvilinear grid. Typical neap and spring tidal boundaries were applied to the model.

Two pollution cases were evaluated. Firstly a conservative tracer was applied to the bay area where the reclamation was to be located. This allowed an assessment of flushing and tidal exchange of water adjacent to the reclamation. Secondly, the impact of the discharge from an existing storm sewer (Dissolved Oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen demand) was also analysed.

Outcomes and challenges

It was concluded that the proposed reclamation, whether in the present day or future case, causes concentration levels of the tracer (pollutant) to disperse more rapidly than when the reclamation is not present. The more rapid dispersion of tracer (pollutant) was taken as in indicator of an improvement in water quality.

Tidal Flushing

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