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Fish & Eel Pass & Rest at Primrose Lodge

“Here at Edenvale Young we are delighted to announce that the Alaskans Fish and Eel Pass and resting pools at Primrose Lodge, Clitheroe, were finally installed over the weekend of 6 March 2021, after long delays due to bad weather. The assembly needed mm accuracy and fitted perfectly.

The whole scheme was incredibly complex in that the design had to take account of very difficult access problems on a structure dating from the 1800s. We knew very little about whether there were any voids in the spillway or the geotechnical conditions. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the job was to design the supporting structure for the 3m long x 1m wide x 2m high resting pool under the bridge on the sloping spillway.

Well done to one of our Senior Engineers Dan Boulden, who with a margin of error measured in a few millimetres, worried buckets that it would not fit.”

@EVY getting creative at Primrose Lodge
The Primrose Lodge Fish & Eel Pass is part of a wider project involving the Ribble Rivers Trust, if you would like to find out more about what they do, please follow the link here. Ribble Rivers Trust

Fish & Eel Pass including Resting Pools

Fish Pass Detailed Design

  • Fish Pass Design
Primrose Lodge Fish & Eel Pass

Fish & Eel Pass Detailed Design Completed

  • Fish Pass Design

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