Graduate Hydraulic Modeller Tasks

Flooding to ATC

Day to day at Edenvale Young includes (but is not limited to):

·        Building hydraulic models in ESTRY/FMP/TUFLOW, most commonly ESTRY-TUFLOW models
·        Writing topographic survey reports to send to surveyors to inform hydraulic modelling
·        Writing hydraulic model reports and flood risk assessments
·        Post-processing results for use in reporting and providing information to clients
·        Using QGIS to build models, view and inspect model results, make maps
·        Use of LaTeX, QGIS Atlas and simple scriptsAfter gaining more experience at Edenvale Young duties can also include:
·        Undertaking internal model reviews
·        Communicating with clients regarding project work
·        Project management
·        Training/mentoring newer members of staff

March 2022