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Edenvale Young Associates Ltd prides itself on its breadth of experience and its place at the cutting edge of technology. We are not only well-acquainted with the standard, approved methods within our field but also with the theoretical underpinnings of those methods, their assumptions and their limitations. This deeper knowledge allows us to be ready and able to challenge the standard approaches where they are unsuitable and to improve upon them with new and innovative techniques and technologies. It also allows us to speak with greater confidence about the risks and uncertainties associated with different methods and technical developments.

As a small company, we highly value our staff who possess a wide range of technical skills, who embrace innovation and who can creatively apply their abilities to new and challenging problems. Our highly competent and creative team, drawn from a wide range of scientific and engineering disciplines brings a tremendous amount of skills and knowledge to bear on every project we undertake.

Edenvale Young Associates Ltd.

Ethos Statement

Edenvale Young Associates is an Environmental and Civil Engineering consultancy, specialising in hydrological analysis in its broadest sense. We aim to reduce flood risk through innovative engineering; to improve the environment; and to advance the state of the art within our industry. Our remit encompasses all aspects of hydrological analysis, modelling and engineering including conventional peak-flow hydrology, 1D, 2D and 3D hydraulic modelling and all aspects of fluvial and coastal engineering.

For our clients

We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of our experience and our place at the cutting edge of technology. We can deploy not only the conventional methods within our fields, but also novel approaches. We use our knowledge of the underlying theory behind these methods, their assumptions and limitations to adopt the most appropriate methods for any project, without being tied to approaches that, whilst being widely accepted, are unsuitable for the specific problem.

For our staff

To maintain this position within the industry, we recruit and retain the best expertise. Our company is formed from a team of highly competent and creative people from a range of disciplines, allowing us to bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to every project we undertake. As a comparatively small company, we value highly motivated staff who seek to continuously expand their knowledge to better meet our objectives.

For wider society

Our work is at the forefront of the mitigation of, and the adaptation to, human-induced climate change. We seek to support a range of actors across society in this endeavour and to strive to reduce the impact of our own activities on the environment.
We actively seek a diverse and motivated staff group and seek to recognise the potential of all individuals in our society. We seek to support our local communities through a range of activities.

Our working environment

We aim to foster a productive and respectful working environment that supports the ultimate aim of delivering high quality project outcomes for our clients. To facilitate this, individuals within the company will:

  • seek to teach, mentor and learn from others;
  • represent the company professionally and positively;
  • own their tasks, taking responsibility for the time, quality and outcomes of them;
  • speak out, raise issues and discuss them in a constructive and inclusive manner;
  • ask for help when needed.

Our team includes civil engineers, hydrologists, hydraulic modellers, geographers, geomorphologists and environmental scientists.

Our clients include: Government Agencies, such as the Environment Agency, Local Councils such as the London Borough of Enfield, International Engineering Consultancies and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

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