Welcome to the new Board

A Changing of the Guard for Edenvale Young

To reflect the need to bring New Blood into the leadership of Edenvale Young, we are pleased to announce a new board of directors to be appointed on or around mid-October 2023. Alex Attwood, Peter Aylett and Maria Jarquin will be appointed to the board with John Young continuing as a director for a further 12 months after their appointment.

Professor Nigel Wright has been appointed as a non-executive director at the same time and his role will be to chair meetings of both the company directors and shareholders as well as guiding the transition process. As a former Deputy Vice Chancellor, he brings expertise in team building and leadership as well as a long pedigree in academic research.

With our best wishes, Dr. Chris Whitlow will step down as both a director and employee. He will trade independently of Edenvale Young as Chris Whitlow and Associates Ltd and both parties look forward to continuing their long and successful association into the future.

Dr. Gerald Morgan will also step down as a company director and we hope that he can continue developing new tools and innovative new methods for the benefit of both the company and the wider research community.

Alex Attwood has a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Bristol and brings with him both technical skills in modelling as well as extensive project management skills. He has been with Edenvale Young since 2013.

Maria Jarquin is also a civil engineer and has a Masters degree from UNESCO-IHE where she studied under Professor Wright. She also has extensive modelling and project management experience including over 15 years working with Edenvale Young both as an employee and as a contractor.

Peter Aylett is an acknowledged expert in TUFLOW, Flood Modeller and GIS and has been with Edenvale Young since 2006. He has a mathematics degree from the University of Bath and has extensive experience in training fellow-professionals in modelling, both within and external to Edenvale Young.

Dr. Chris Whitlow, John Young and Dr. Gerald Morgan, on behalf of Edenvale Young

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