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Hectic (v0.11 beta)

HEC-RAS to ISIS conversion software. These packages contain a command-line application which does a basic level of conversion from HEC-RAS geometry files to ISIS .DAT files. The current state of the conversion is far from perfect and the results should not be used without careful checking. A compiled version for Windows is available as well as a platform-independent source code version. The source code version also contains ETIC, a converter from EEBY cross-section data to ISIS results. HECTIC and ETIC are made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (see packages for more details).

Source Code Windows Executable

tufTrail (v0.5)

tufTrail is a program to keep track of your TUFLOW simulations. It displays a list of TUFLOW simulations, colour-coded according to the status of the simulation. To monitor a simulation simply point the program at your TLF and sit back.

Windows Executable


tufPlot is a tool to plot the model run-time information that is shown in the TUFLOW .TLF file. It allows multiple variables and multiple simulations to be compared on the same plot and is a useful tool for model reviewing and reporting. tufPlot is a python script which is made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Python Script

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