TUFLOW 2018 Workshops & Presentations

Plenary Sessions

Natural Flood Management - Part of the Nation's Flood Resilience

Mark Russell, Environment Agency "Presentation not currently available"

Natural Flood Risk Management on the River Aire

Simon Jepps, Thomas Mackay "Presentation not currently available"

New Features in TUFLOW 2017

Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Download PDF)

Tuflow 2017's New HPC Solver and FV integration

Bill Syme and Phillip Ryan, BMT (Download PDF)

Into the future. What we have planned for 2018 and beyond

Phillip Ryan, BMT (Download PDF)

Stream 1 Presentation Sessions

Issues, Challenges and Advantages of Distributed Catchment Modelling using 2D (HPC) Models

Adam Parkes, Jacobs "Presentation not currently available"

Natural Flood Risk Management

Gerald Morgan, Edenvale Young (Download PDF)

Whole Catchment Modelling

Barry Hankin, JBA Consulting "Presentation not currently available"

Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study - Monte Carlo Analysis: The Definitive Study

Bill Syme, BMT "Presentation not currently available"

Canadian National Scale Assessment

Martin Salaj, Aon Benfield   Mat Roberts, BMT "Presentation not currently available"

Use of TUFLOW for Catchment and Detailed Rainfall Runoff Modelling in Sri Lanka

Chris Whitlow, Edenvale Young   "Presentation not currently available"

General Level of Uncertainty Associated with Design Flood Estimation and Generic Challenges

Thomas Kjeldsen, University of Bath "Presentation not currently available"

Dam Breach Assessment using the Reservoir Flood Modelling Guidance and TUFLOW

Kathryn Fuller, Arcadis   "Presentation not currently available"

A Collaborative Approach to Modelling and Mapping of 1,865 Reservoirs in England

Stephanic Dufour BMT, Peter Robinson JBA, Marianne Piggott Mott McDonald   "Presentation not currently available"

TUFLOW FV: The Coolest Middle Child

Rohan King, BMT "Presentation not currently available"

Modelling Flood Alleviation Schemes in Hastings using XPSTORM

Georgia Athanasia, Ardent and Julien LHomme, Innovyze "Presentation not currently available"

Civil Contingency: Making Better Decisions for Emergency Flood Response with Hydraulic Modelling

Ray Pickering, RAB Consulting "Presentation not currently available"

Assessing River Gauge Ratings Curves Usiing 1D-2D Hydraulic Models

Sarah Demetriou, Arcadis "Presentation not currently available"

Modelling of Temporary Defences for Supporting the Community

Simon DeSmet, Capita "Presentation not currently available"

TUFLOW HPC and the Challenges of IUD Modelling

Rachel Jensen, BMT "Presentation not currently available"

Stream 2 Workshops

Visualise Safety for the Public and the TUFLOW Modeller

Rob Graham, 12D "Presentation not currently available"

Distributed hydraulic modelling (DHN) vs FEH & ReFH

Chris Hann, Aegea "Presentation not currently available"

Leaky dams, antecedent conditions catchment wetness. Why can't hydraulic modellers get it right?

Jack Spees, Ribble Rivers Trust "Presentation not currently available"

Why are all 1D Structures including bridges and weirs wrong

Gerald Morgan, Edenvale Young "Visuals from workshop available soon"

Flood Modeller Pro - TUFLOW HPC Linking

Konrad Adams, Jacobs "Presentation not currently available"

Configuring Your Hardware and Software (CPU, GPU and the Cloud)

Phil Ryan, BMT, Jon Wicks, Jacobs, Dave Tarrant NRW "Presentation not currently available"

Python Scripting - Improve Your Workflow Efficieny

Phil Ryan & Rachel Jensen, BMT "Presentation not currently available"

Increasing Source Data Quality and Reducing Preparation Time for Hydraulic Models with GeoRiver

Mike Hopkins & Anthony Pritchard, Storm Geomatics, Rohan King, BMT "Presentation not currently available"

Stream 3 Round Table Discussions

Visualisation Packages

FloodModeller, Bob Potter, Jacobs

Waterride, Mat Roberts, BMT

Floodintel, Mat Roberts, BMT

SMS, Phillip Ryan, BMT

QGIS, Rachel Jensen, BMT & Peter Aylett, Edenvale Young

12D, Rob Graham, 12D