TUFLOW 2015 Workshops & Presentations

Plenary Sessions

Urban Flood Resilience

David Balmforth, ICE (Download PDF)

David Balmforth talks about the wider issues surrounding Urban Flood Resilience and solutions used both in the UK and abroad.

National Flood Risk Assessment

Mark Franklin, Environment Agency (Download PDF)

TUFLOW Modelling to Support the Masterplanning and Redevelopment of Lower Broughton, Salford

Krista Keating, JBA Consulting (Download PDF)

The Multi Coloured Manual 2015 Online

Professor Edmund Penning-Rowsell, University of Middlesex (Download PDF)

Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study - Hydraulic Models for Monte Carlo Flood Risk Mapping

Bill Syme, BMT WBM "Presentation not currently available"

TUFLOW Products 2015 - New Features (and the TUFLOW Classic Manual)

Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Download PDF)

TUFLOW Products into the Future and the New BMT WBM Sortware Business Unit

Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Link to TUFLOW Website download)

Stream 1 Presentation Sessions

Southwell Flood Modelling & Feasibility: Integrated Catchment Modelling

Richard James, AECOM (Download PDF)

Bristol, A Flood Resilient City?

Patrick Goodey, Bristol City Council  (Download PDF)

Natural Flow Paths and the Use of Infiltration Features Within TUFLOW

Kirsty Thomas, Herrington Consulting "Presentation not currently available"

Use of TUFLOW FV to run multiple simulations as a Rainfall Runoff Model

Alex Attwood, Edenvale Young "Presentation not currently available"

Global Flood Hazard Mapping: An Opportunity for Consultancy?

Dr Mark Trigg, University of Bristol   (Download PDF)

The Reconstruction of Pont Briwet: The Use of TUFLOW FV Morph Module in Assessing Geormorphological Change

John Young, Edenvale Young   (Download PDF)

The Latest Release of the QGIS Crayfish Plugin

Peter Wells, Lutra Consulting

An update on the free, open-source QGIS software and how the Crayfish Plugin works with packages like TUFLOW. (Presentation not currently available)

Mesh Generation

Gerald Morgan, Edenvale Young   "Presentation not available"

Integrated Urban Drainage Models for Multiple Critical Drainage Areas across the UK

Georgia Athanasia & Harriet Davies, Capita   (Download PDF)

Urban Drainage Modelling in TUFLOW GPU

Rohan King, BMT WBM

"Presentation not currently available"

Benchmarking State of the Art 2D Hydraulic Modelling Tools

Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Download PDF)

Stream 2 Workshops

Chippenham Mapping & Modelling Study: Comparison of Flood Risk Mapping using FMP-TUFLOW & Morphological Mapping Techniques

Matthew Fox, Edenvale Young (Download PDF)

The Use of Flood Modeller Pro GUI for Building TUFLOW Models

Bob Potter, CH2M (Download PDF)

Toward a Robust Flood Emergency Evacuation: Integration of 2D Hydraulic Modelling and Dynamic Evacuation Routing

Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Download PDF)

Flood Modelling the Easy Way Accessing the Power of TUFLOW through XPSWMM

Ludmila Fadejeva, XP Solutions (Download Abridged PPT)
(Download Full PPT) Be warned, this is a large file weighing in at 337mb!

Demonstration of Powerful New Input and Output Features in TUFLOW 2015

Phil Ryan, BMT WBM "Presentation not currently available"

TUFLOW Best Practice and Reviewing Models

Stephanie Dufour, BMT WBM

"Presentation not currently available"

Stream 3 Round Table Discussions

Using 2D Schemes to Model Energy Losses at Structures and Bends - Beware of Pretty Images!

Bill Syme, BMT WBM (Download PDF)

Flood Modelling Visualisation with 12D

Rob Graham, 12D "Presentation not currently available"