Tuflow 2020 - Save the date!

We are pleased to announce that as in previous years, BMT have asked us to organise their next UK TUFLOW Conference. The dates have now been finalised and we are pleased to announce that the TUFLOW 2020 Conference will be returning to Edenvale Young's home town Bristol and our world-renowned Bristol Zoo, on Tuesday 30 June and Wednesday 1 July. Further details to follow later this year.

Previous Events and Trainings

Tuflow 2018

Between the 18th & 19th April, we yet again organised the Tuflow conference on behalf of BMT. On this occasion we were proud to host our event at the world-renowned Bristol Zoo. Mark Russell from the Envionment Agency gave our Keynote Address on "Natural Flood Management - Part of the Nation's Flood Resilience" and later in the morning there was a lively debate on this approach to FRM.

We were pleased to welcome back David Balmforth to chair the debate and it was generally felt that this was the best conference thus far. The venue received a great deal of praise too.

At the bottom of this page there are links to download presentations, where available, from this and earlier TUFLOW Conferences.
We apologise for the delay in uploading the 2018 conference presentations and we hope to add a few more presentations over the coming weeks.

If you would like an overview of what we covered, the Conference Programme can be downloaded immediately below.

Conference Programme 2018

Sri Lankan CRIP Project - Training update - 24 October 2016

Well, our training programme has finished, our trainees returned home to Sri Lanka via London and the Thames Barrier on the 9th & 10th September. Since their return, they have been putting into practice what they learnt whilst here in Bristol and one of our directors, Dr Chris Whitlow, joined them a month ago to help them through this process. We welcome Chris back into the office on the 25th October.

During their time with us, they had an informed and entertaining welcome from our Lord Mayor Jeff Lovell. Given the somewhat fluid nature of last minute visa juggling in Sri Lanka being at odds with our need to pin our guests to the requirements of the Lord Mayor's schedule, we could not have found Jeff's team more helpful.

For his part in helping to make things run smoothly, we would like to thank Patrick Goodey, Bristol City Council's Flood Risk Manager. As part of the welcome to our city, he also gave an excellent presentation, highlighting the challenges we face in respect of mitigating flood risk. Patrick and his team are doing an excellent job within a difficult climate, at keeping us safe now and in the future, although they are aware that the challenges ahead are going to require them to be increasingly creative.

For their contribution to the training sessions our special thanks to:

Our thanks of course to our partners at Atkins, for their part in the organisation and delivery of the training schedule, here and in Sri Lanka; especially Rohit Das, for his above and beyond contribution to getting everyone safely from the airport to Bristol and also to our consultant Matthew Scott.

We must also say a big thank you to our trainees for choosing Edenvale Young and our home town for their training venue. With Bristol as their base, they also took the opportunity to explore the surrounding area when they were here, doing the Somerset run out to Street, Glastonbury and Wells, along with a visit to Bath. Of those expressing a preference in respect of above, the beauty of Wells stole the day.

Sri Lankan CRIP Project - UK Training 30 August - 8 September 2016

Edenvale Young are delighted to announce that they will be hosting another training session for two weeks commencing on the 30th August 2016. This training is an extension of the Climate Resilience Improvement Project - Sri Lanka (CRiP) that we have been working on, in conjunction with Atkins Global Limited.

On this occasion we will be receiving a delegation of 20 Civil Engineers from Sri Lanka. Our guests are all involved in a World Bank funded project looking at ways of making Sri Lanka better able to cope with repeating cycles of flood and drought that are compounded by the increasingly erratic weather patterns linked to climate change.

"Sri Lanka's vulnerability to natural disaster was brought into sharp focus with the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, which killed more than 35,000 people in the country. Despite the enormity of this event, it is regular floods and droughts that present the most significant natural disaster threat to growth and development in Sri Lanka over the long term." source World Bank website.

Here in Bristol, one of the things that we have in common with the people of Sri Lanka, is the need to mitigate flooding issues, especially in relation to rising water and extreme weather conditions related to climate change. As recently as 1968, there was a severe flooding innundation in the Bristol area and whilst the death toll in no way compares to the tragic losses in Sri Lanka the damage to infrastructure was significant.

We continue to strive to reduce flood risk and we do that really rather well in Bristol, our Harbour defences are for instance, extremely well designed and effective. We utilise the latest computer software to help us to continually adapt to the challenges that present themselves and it is this knowledge that we are sharing with our guests.

We as a consultancy are also ahead of the game in both flood prediction and design of mitigation measures, which is one reason why we won this project with Atkins. The alternative proposal had been for our guests to visit China, so a bit of a coup for Bristol against some stiff competition.

For those who wish to encourage more young women into the field of Civil Engineering, it is also encouraging that our group of trainees is made up of 14 women and six men.

TUFLOW Conferences

Edenvale Young organise the TUFLOW conferences on behalf of BMT-WBM. These take place in Bristol. The last TUFLOW conference took place on 11th-12th November 2015, we continued to build on our success and the conference was well attended and very well received. The date of the next TUFLOW conference is yet to be decided, however, we would anticipate between 18 months to two years. Do keep an eye on our and BMT-WBM's websites for further details. For any downloads from past conferences, please see the specific conference links below.

Dr Chris Whitlow, Director, also chairs the ISIS User Group, which meets annually in London, in conjunction with the software developers CH2MHILL.