Western Trade Centre, Banwell

Edenvale Young Associates Ltd. were commissioned to undertake a Surface Water drainage strategy in order to support the planning application relating to the land at Western Trade Centre in Banwell. The planning application referred to the construction of a 1.56 ha residential development which included 14 No four bedroom dwellings, 2 No two bedroom apartments, 2 No two-bedroom dwellings and 2 No three bedroom dwellings.

Edenvale Young prepared a SuDS strategy in accordance with the West of England Sustainable Drainage Developer Guide and the SuDS Manual. An assessment of the site was undertaken including the site geology, site investigation and soakaway testing concluded that infiltration was not a feasible method of controlling surface water runoff from the site. Accordingly, an alternative strategy was developed to attenuate surface water on the site and discharge to the Yeo via an existing concrete culvert.

The distribution of housing and the topography of the site meant that a range of attenuation strategies had to be used. This included ponds, permeable paving and filter drains. A total site wide storage volume of 433m3 was provided. Holding objections were removed by the Local Authority and consent was given in later 2018.