Cotswold water park SuDS

Edenvale Young Associates Ltd. were commissioned to undertake the design of a surface water drainage scheme in order to support the planning application for a recreational tourism development. The site lies to the west of Fairford, in the River Coln valley. There are several lakes formed from historic gravel workings which comprise the majority of the site area. The development includes accommodation, as well as a leisure centre complex on the edge of Lakes.

Due to several site constraints (space, high water table and many tree protection orders) it was concluded that shallow soakaways and soakaway trenches provided the best solution as they could be located in the small disconnected spaces between buildings.

The soakaway and soakaway trench design, including testing of infiltration rates were carried out in accordance with BRE365 – Soakaway Design. The soakaways and trenches were designed to handle a 1 in 30 year rainfall event with excess floodwaters discharging to the lakes for larger return periods. Furthermore, hydraulic modelling was undertaken in order to show that the drainage scheme did not increase flood risk at the site or downstream of the site.