Detailed Design

Edenvale Young provides technical design according to the needs of our clients. Our team is composed of experienced Civil Engineers who operate on a wide range of subjects from bridge and scour design to river restoration.

"The time spent in explaining the methodology of some of the more complex aspects of the process was really useful (speaking as a "common or garden" variety of engineer) and went a long way to boosting confidence in the results. It's about spending more time explaining what you do rather than just doing it."Mark Roberts, Gwynedd Consultancy (Pont Briwet 3D 2011)

Edenvale Young's services include the following designs:

We are experienced in the use of Three-Dimensional modelling with OpenFOAM/interFoam which has a number of significant advantages in terms of evaluating scour and the response of a bridge structures in extreme fluvial events. This includes improved understanding of flow velocities and bed shear stresses adjacent to a pier, abutment or caisson. Bridge Geometry including the configuration of cut waters, bridge piers, arches, foundations and abutments influence flow velocities around and through the structure and are critical to the process of scouring for individual bridges. The use of OpenFOAM modelling allows the configuration of the structure to be adjusted rapidly.